There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed

It’s normal to go through emotions. That’s how humans are wired. So why do we hold back from seeking help? Untreated depression hurts you and all of the people around you (family, friends, co-workers, and all of the daily acquaintance you interact with).

Knowing you are depressed is the first step towards therapy. Talking to a professional about it is the second step. Taking actions to change your perspective is the goal. Sounds simple? If it is so simple, then why do we see an increasing number of suicides?

The therapies we are using are failing. New treatments options are needed. Treatments that are not just in the form of medication, but treatments that take aim at the root causes. We need to think outside the box in order to treat depression and we need to be flexible with the options so that they may be customized and personalized to each individual. The human mind is a complex organ; therefore, we can not use a one size fits all approach.

Research is evolving, and although we are getting closer to understanding the human mind we are still years away from breakthrough treatments. So where does that leave us? I believe we need to work on our social perception of mental health. One that engages all socioeconomic levels of all ages. Ironically we need inspiring minds that will start this culture change.

Suicide prevention lifeline

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