Embracing change

The corona virus pandemic has turned our world upside down and inside out. What once was normal is not so anymore. It was yesterday’s normal that allowed the corona virus to spread and infect so many people. Today, still in the transitional phase, we are struggling to find a treatment. What we do not realize is nothing is the same.

The corona virus was the door we walked through to get to our new world. Here we need to be cognizant of our distance to others, sanitizing our hands regularly, cleaning our commonly used areas more frequently and not take anything for granted.

This include preventative healthcare. Taking your vitamins, exercising, making better food choices all work together to build a strong immune system. Taking vitamins and medication once you are sick is too late. Don’t depend on prescriptions to cure you. Prevention is the best medicine.

Change is now. The food service industry, public places, hospitals, medical offices, and schools, among many more industries are all settling into their new norm. Embrace it. Look at all the positives that come out of these terrible times. The improvements taking place in healthcare, the enhancements in the education system, the ramped up production of medications and protective equipment here in our country, the contactless technology making it way to retail stores. And just as important…..the awareness. Everyone is aware of infection control. Everyone is using hand sanitizers.

Take the lessons learned and run with them because tough times don’t last forever. Tough people do!

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